Learning Activities for Tuesday

Good Morning,

I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday.

Below are some learning activity ideas for today. Remember just pick and choose the activities you like or even try some of your own.


Learning Objective/Focus:To use adjectives to describe.
Main input (explanation)This week’s story is Six Dinner Sid. Use the address below to listen to the story! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XAdTJCtgTs Use the story to complete the activities below.

Use the PowerPoint to find out todays phonemes and activities.
SHOULDDraw a picture Sid.   Below is a list of adjectives, choose some that describe Sid well and use them to label your picture.  
COULDCan you think of some other good words to describe Sid?   Write them down if you can!
Extension Activity IdeasCan you write a sentence to describe Sid using some of the words you have written? Remember capital letters at the beginning of a sentence or name/place, finger spaces and full stops.


Learning Objective/Focus:To follow and give directions using left and right.
Main input (explanation)Today is learning left and right and using these to give and follow directions.   Ask your child to identify their left and right hand. Show them that the left hand makes an ‘L’ using the forefinger and thumb.   Get your child to practice left and right by asking them to show their left or right hand, arm, foot or leg.

Can you follow these moves:  
Step forward then backwards
Jump to the left then slide to the right.
Jump up 3 times
Crouch down.
Hop to the right then skip to the left.  
Can you create your own moves? Don’t forget to say which direction you are moving.
SHOULDAsk an adult to hide something, can you follow their directions to find the hidden object.
COULDYou hide an object and give someone else directions to find where it is hidden, using left and right.
Extension Activity IdeasMake some arrows, ask an adult to pin them up with some pointing left and some pointing right. Can you say which direction they are pointing?

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To know where I live.
Main input (explanation)Talk about your local area and your home address. Why does every home have a different address?

Talk to your child about the following.
What your local area is called. What do you know about your local area? Can you think of 3 key features of your local area? i.e. farm, church, school or post office.
You could draw or write a list of the things you know about your local area. Go for a walk to explore.
SHOULDAn address includes: A building number or name and street or road. Town, village or area. City, County, Postcode i.e.
Finchingfield St John the Baptist CofE Primary Academy,
Vicarage Road,
CM7 4LD  
What is your address? Can you tell someone your address in the correct order?  
COULDCreate a postcard to show information about where you live. Write your address in the right order.
Extension Activity IdeasUse google maps to look at your local area. Can you identify some key features of your area? I.e. church, school, post office.

I look forward to seeing your pictures of Sid. I certainly could not eat Six Dinners!