Learning Activities for Friday

Good morning, hope your week is going well and you have managed to get outside in the slightly warmer weather. Below are some learning activities for today:


Learning Objective/Focus: To write a non-chronological report. This may need two sessions.

Main input:

Recap what the children know about ?????.

Refer to the previous research children have done. Explain that today they will use this to write their non-chronological report- ‘All about the Author’. Quickly recap the features they discussed yesterday.

Explain that today they will use their planner to create their non-chronological report about ????. Explain that the local library are trying to convince their readers to pick up a ????? novel and so they are creating “About the Author” guides to help provide background to the texts.

Share a variety of non-chronological examples and ask the children to text mark or highlight where they find some of the features they have just looked at. Begin to structure the first paragraph. Look at the fact ‘?????’ is used rather than repeating his/her full or first name. Children may need to be reminded about the cohesion of the piece and that the text should not read as a list of facts. Ensure the children see the process of vocabulary choice, manipulation and expansion of sentences to interest the reader. Maintain an ‘expert’ voice to the piece and impress upon the children the importance of this.

Activities: Must: To write their non-chronological report using plans written in previous lesson and research collected throughout the unit.

Should: As above, but ensure the children add in their ‘????? Today’ paragraph.

Could: Ask the children to particularly focus on their passive voice.

Extension: What have children learnt from this unit? Ask them to name three things the unit has taught them (try to steer them towards the report writing rather than what they have learnt about ??????). Could the children present their non-chronological reports? Could they use iMovie to film them or Explain Everything as a medium through which to record them? Then send to school.


Learning Objective/Focus: Fractions to percentages.

Main input: See PowerPoint.

Activities: Must: Fluency activity.

Should: Reasoning activity.

Could: Problem Solving activity.




Learning Objective/Focus: Classification of living things in local environment.

Main input: Use PowerPoint to revise scientific learning this week and continue our learning.

Activities: Must: Investigate living things in local environment.

Should: Classify using Linnaean System.

Could: Look at your local environment and talk to family members to discover any changes that have occurred recently or over time.

Extension: Draw and label your idea for helping a local habitat.

Hope you have a good weekend and that there is some sun for you to enjoy.

Take care and stay safe.