Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning Class 2,

Friday has arrived again! I hope you have had a great week.

Below are some learning activities for today. Please remember that you do not need to do all of them, you can pick and choose from the selection or even make up your own ideas! BUT do remember that we love to see what you are doing (and using some of your ideas!)


Learning Objective/Focus:Word work- compound words
Main inputFind and list words that have been made by joining 2 words together (compound words). E.g. foot+ball= football, Sun+flower=sunflower

Write a list of at least 20 words in your best handwriting. Think carefully about your formation and where your letters sit on the line.
SHOULDMake sure all the words in your list are spelt correctly by check in a dictionary.
COULDChoose 10 compound words and write them into interesting sentences. Perhaps experiment with writing them into silly sentences.
Extension Activity IdeasInvent some of your own compound words around a topic that interests you. E.g. rocketcar- a vehicle to use on another planet.


Learning Objective/Focus: Symmetry
Main inputPlay timestables tennis with a member of your family to get your maths brain working.
Talk about symmetry. What does it mean? How would you explain it to a younger child?

Cut out a square measuring 10x10cm. Fold it in half and in half again. Cut out small shapes along the folds. Open out and identify the symmetry. Do you notice a pattern?
SHOULDUsing the activity from MUST – Stick the shape onto paper and decorate it to highlight the symmetry. Try adding some of your own symmetry using your decorations.
COULDExplore starting with a circle and fold more than twice. Repeat cutting different shapes out. What do you notice? Explain what you notice to someone else.
Extension Activity IdeasInvestigate the patterns of snowflakes. What can you find out? Explore if you can cut out identical snowflakes.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Staying Healthy
Main inputTalk about staying healthy. What should you do to stay healthy? Talk about the difference between mentally healthy and physically healthy? Do the same things help you to stay healthy in both ways?

Draw a picture of a healthy person. Label it to show what makes them healthy- remember it’s not just their diet.
SHOULDThink about sleep, emotions, exercise etc. What recommendations would you make to someone else to help keep them healthy.
COULDDesign a poster to promote good all-round health. Make sure it is bright and colourful to catch the eye. Send these into school to put up on display.
Extension Activity IdeasFind out about the daily routine of a top sportsman- eg a tennis player, athlete, racing driver, boxer
Create an information booklet outline their routine.

Wishing you a great day. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.