Learning Activities for Friday

Good Morning All,

It’s Friday! I hope you have enjoyed your week. Please remember to send us in some photographs of the activities you are doing at home. We love seeing and them and seeing you!

Below are some learning activity ideas for today. Remember we do not expect you to do all of them, pick and choose some you like and feel free to adapt and change them to suit you, your circumstances and your preferences.


Learning Objective/Focus:Changing a character in a story.
Main input (explanation)Recap your favourite story and why it is your favourite. Create a story map of what happened in the story.

MUST – Phonics activities
Look at the attached PowerPoint to learn today’s letter and phoneme. Practice writing the letter. Make a word search using words that include today’s phoneme. If you made cards last week, write the letters for each of the phonemes from this week on cards and use them to add to your collection for building your own words.
SHOULDRe-tell the story (using your story map) to someone else with yourself as one of the characters.
COULDWrite the story with yourself as one of the characters.
Extension Activity IdeasCreate your own story and tell it to someone else.


Learning Objective/Focus:To investigate number patterns
Main input (explanation)Talk about patterns in number sequences.

Look at this number sequence 1 2 3 4 5. What would the next number in the sequence be? Can you explain why?
SHOULDCan you find the pattern in this number sequence? 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11… What is the next number in the sequence? What are the next 3 numbers in the sequence?
COULDCan you find the patterns in these sequences? 2 4 6 8 10 12 Which number comes next? Can you find the missing numbers in these sequences? 19 17 _ 13 _ 9 7_3 2, 7, _, _ ,22, 27,
Extension Activity IdeasCreate a 100 square. Use it to count in 5’s. Mark all the multiples of 5. Can you see a pattern? Can you explain the pattern?

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To explore daily routines
Main input (explanation)Talk about your day. What happens in your day that you do every day and what changes?

Draw pictures of things you do every day, i.e. every day routines.
SHOULDPut your every day routines in order, thinking carefully about whether you do them in the same order every day. i.e. get up, have breakfast, get dressed.
COULDTake one of the activities you do every day, i.e. cleaning your teeth. What do you need to do to complete this activity? Write a set of instructions for completing your chosen activity.
Extension Activity IdeasMost activities you do will be repeated every day of the week such as getting up, eating, cleaning your teeth. If you were to create a sequence for Monday to Friday, you would write the same list of activities five times! Can you create instructions to save repeating the full sequence five times for a day to cover the whole week?

I hope you have a great day and enjoy your weekend.