Learning Activities for Thursday

Good Morning All,

I hope you managed to stay dry and warm yesterday. If you are going for a walk today you may wish to wear your wellies!

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Character descriptions.
Main input (explanation)Talk about characters you like in the story and which characters you do not like. Explain your choices.

MUST – Phonics activities
Look at the attached PowerPoint to learn today’s letter and phoneme. Practice writing the letter. Look around you, can you see anything that starts with today’s phoneme? Are there objects with today’s phoneme in the word? Describe the object to someone. Can they guess what it is you have found?  
SHOULDImagine you were one of the characters in the story. Which one would you be? Describe why you would be that character to someone else, remember to give characteristics as reasons i.e. I would be …because they are ….
COULDImagine you were one of the characters in the story. Which one would you be? Write a character description of yourself as that character. i.e. I am … because ……
Extension Activity IdeasDraw a picture of yourself as a character in a story.


Learning Objective/Focus:Domino patterns
Main input (explanation)There are so many patterns you can make with the dots on dominoes!

Make your own set of dominoes.  If you only create dominoes up to 3 dots you will only need to make 9.
SHOULDLay all the dominoes out in sequence starting with the domino showing the least dots. What domino comes next? Is there a pattern? Is it a repeating pattern or a growing pattern? Can you say what the rule is?
COULDUse your dominoes to create your own pattern. Ask someone to guess your rule and continue your pattern. Can they make you a pattern to guess the rule for?
Extension Activity IdeasSome animals have patterns. Butterflies have a special pattern on their wings. Can you say why the pattern on a butterflies wings is special? Draw your own butterfly and decorate their wings. Don’t forget about why their pattern is special!

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Investigating properties of materials.
Main input (explanation)Little Red Riding Hood wants to go and visit Grandma on the other side of the forest but it’s raining. She needs a new cape that will keep her warm and dry.

Look at your own coat. Is it warm? Does it keep you dry? Why do you think it keeps you warm and dry? Can you think of some materials that would be good to make Little Red Riding Hood a new cape?
SHOULDCollect a variety of materials e.g. paper towel, paper, dry dishcloth, plastic bag, tinfoil. Discuss which materials would be best to make a cape with and why. Test your ideas by covering a doll or teddy with the materials and spraying or sprinkling with water. Talk about what you noticed.
COULDTalk about which materials you think would be best and why. Test which materials would be best for making a new cape and record your results. Remember to make it a fair test! How can you make it fair? Which material is best?
Extension Activity IdeasGo for a walk in your wellies and jump in lots of puddles. Why don’t your feet get wet? Can you find out about the special material wellies are made from?

Wishing you a great day.