Learning Activities for Thursday

Morning Class 3,

I hope you are having a good week so far.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus: To research and plan writing a non-chronological report.
Main inputAsk children the difference between chronological and non-chronological reports. Discuss. Explain that they are going to write a non-chronological report on ????. Refer to the Mind map written in lesson one. Is this chronological? Why? Look at a range of non-chronological reports. Look at the structure and language features of the texts. What do they have in common. Talk together about layout and how can they grab the reader’s attention? Is the language of a report formal or informal? What do these terms mean? What literary devices will they need to consider when writing? How does the language of openers differ from say, a narrative piece of writing? Using the research they have collected so far, create a mind map of ideas for headings/sub headings that could be used within the main body of their reports. Explain that today the children can plan in whatever style suits them. Show the children that they might want to use bullet points, post-its etc. Guide the children as to what they might want to use as headings.

Using the information collected in previous lessons and laptops for further research, children are to plan their sections, headings and what information they want to include in their report. Provide large sheets of A3 and plain and lined A4, along with felt tip pens and post-it notes (if available), so that the children can plan freely and in their own style.  
SHOULDAs above, but it is expected that they plan for a paragraph about β€˜??????’- what information might they add into this.
COULDNotice there will be a shift in tense and perhaps formality.
Extension Activity IdeasLook at report writing for other types of genre- newspaper/ magazine/ advertisement. Formal language and tone for report writing.


Learning Objective/Focus:Fractions to decimals part 2
Main inputSee PowerPoint

Fluency activity
SHOULDReasoning activity
COULDProblem solving activity
Extension Activity Ideashttps://uk.ixl.com/math/year-6/convert-fractions-to-decimals  

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Collect a variety of natural or man-made materials
Main inputTalk about difference between man-made and natural materials. Collect a variety of materials to complete a collage.  

Draw an animal and collage using different materials.
SHOULDDraw an animal in its natural habitat using materials to fill in the background and water colours to complete the animal.
Use the link to find out about collage and design.
Extension Activity IdeasUse a potato to present a print of an animal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t696x03g3-k  

Have fun and I cannot wait to see your art work.