Learning Activities for Thursday

Good Morning Class 2,

I trust you are all well and keeping warm and safe.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Word work- Homonyms. Handwriting
Main inputCollect Homonyms- words spelt the same but have a different meaning; bark, wave are examples.

List 10 words and write both their meanings. E.g rock ( move gently and a large pebble).
SHOULDUse neat, joined handwriting. Practice writing the words or joining patterns you find challenging using different colours (rainbow writing).
COULDDescribe the words in a riddle. Eg (bark) What is the noise of a dog and the outer layer of a tree?
Extension Activity IdeasTest the riddles out on someone in your family- make them tricky! You could draw pictures as clues eg. A hand in the sea ( wave). See how creative you can be!


Learning Objective/Focus:Locate and identify 3D shapes
Main inputFind and list objects that are cuboids, spheres, cylinders, cubes and so on. The kitchen is a good place to start.

Look at and name the faces of these shapes. Find a cereal box and take it apart to find its net (the flat shape that is stuck together to make the box)
SHOULDTry to fit the net back together so that the box is inside out ( all pictures on the inside). Once re assembled you could  decorate the outside to make a house. Find some card to add on a roof and chimney. Draw on windows, front door and so on.
COULDMake a street of different sized buildings all out of re-assembled boxes or your own nets.
Extension Activity IdeasAdd other features- like a garage, a play area ( all out of different packaging- A Dairylea cheese box would be good for a pond, roundabout??

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Observational Drawing
Main inputFind something with a pattern on it. Eg a cushion, throw, rug, duvet cover that you like. Talk about the pattern. How would you copy it? What colours would you need for the pattern?

Copy and colour the pattern. Use a ruler for straight lines. Remember to draw from one position and keep the object still.
SHOULDUse colour to explore shading for light and dark on your choosen pattern.
COULDMake your own design for a patterned cushion cover.
Extension Activity IdeasDesign a duvet cover for a toddler’s bedroom.

Happy creating!