Learning Activities for Wednesday

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great day yesterday and wrapped up warm.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Character descriptions.
Main input (explanation)Talk about the characters you spoke about yesterday. Which was your favourite? Why?

MUST – Phonics activities
Look at the attached PowerPoint to learn today’s letter and phoneme. Think of something that begins with today’s letter and create an acrostic poem together. i.e.
not seen at night.  
See PowerPoint for some more ideas.
SHOULDChoose one character from the story and describe them to someone else. Think about what they look like and behave like.
COULDChoose one character from the story and write a character description. Remember to use exciting adjectives and write in full sentences.
Extension Activity IdeasPlay, what am I? One person thinks of a noun (an object, person or animal) and writes it on a post it note which is then stuck on another players forehead without them seeing. That player can then ask 3 questions to guess what they are.


Learning Objective/Focus:To investigate growing patterns.
Main input (explanation)Growing patterns repeat and follow a rule but have something added each time they repeat. Growing patterns use rules to show what is added and how much at each step. Can you find the rules for the growing patterns below?

Using Lego bricks make towers that are 1, 2, 3, and 4 bricks tall. Lay or stand them next to each other? What do you see? Can you say and build what comes next?
SHOULDDraw this pattern – Triangle, Triangle and circle, Triangle and 2 circles, Triangle and 3 circles. What is being added each time and how many? Can you continue the pattern?
COULDCreate your own growing pattern using 2 shapes or colours. Ask someone else to work out the rule.
Extension Activity IdeasMake a growing pattern using 3 shapes or colours.

Foundation subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Creating a sequence of movements.
Main input (explanation)Explore making a pattern of movements. Explore different ways of moving. i.e. jumping, hopping, skipping, star jumps, twirling etc

Make a sequence using 2 different movements. Can you teach it to someone else?
SHOULDMake a sequence using more than 2 different movements. Can you teach it to someone else?
COULDAsk someone to create a sequence of movements with you. 1 person starts by showing 2 movements i.e hop, hop, jump. The other person copies and adds their own movement. The first person then copies all 3 movements and adds their own. How many movements can you put in your sequence? How many times can you repeat the sequence?
Extension Activity IdeasAdd some movements /actions to a nursery rhyme or favourite song.

Wishing you a great day. I’m looking forward to reading your character descriptions!