Learning Activities for Wednesday

Good morning everyone, hope you had an enjoyable day and didn’t get too wet. Learning activities for Wednesday 27th January 2021 follow:


Learning Objective/Focus: To plan and perform an interview.

Main input: Today we are going to plan and perform an interview with ????.  Do you know what a biography/autobiography is? Gather ideas of questions to be asked- early life/ married life/ significant events/ his/her work- and create a list to use as a prompt. Discuss what ????? might be like in an interview. What kind of man/woman is/was he/she? How would he/she carry himself/herself/ speak? Have time to plan around ten questions and answers. Look with family members at how this would be written as a question and answer interview, very much like a playscript. Write a question and the answer ????? might have given. Ensure you understand that the questions should be open and the answers detailed.

Activities: Must: Write the biographical question and answer interview. This should include the 10 questions including details about his/her life, key events and his/her work.

Should: As above but ensure your questions and answers are well structured and contain detail.

Could: As Must but expect that each answer should be considered and detailed. You might like to ask him/her what five tips he/she would give to budding writers etc or which of his/her characters is/was his/her favourite and why?

Extension: Perform your interviews, with a Q&A event after each for the audience. This can be filmed if you wish and played back for self-evaluation and critique. If you wish, send the recordings in to school.


Learning Objective/Focus: Fractions to decimals part 1.

Main input: See PowerPoint.

Activities: Must: Fluency activity.

Should: Reasoning activity.

Could: Problem Solving activity.



Learning Objective/Focus: Classification of Living Things by Scientists.

Main input: Use PowerPoint to learn about classification of living things by scientists.

Activities: Must: Classification of living things.

Should: Classification using Linnaean System.

Could: Classify Eagle, Grasshopper and Millipede using Linnaean System.

Extension: Find out about Carl Linnaeus – create a fact file about him.

Have a great day and we look forward to seeing your work.