Learning Activities for today:

Good morning, I hope you had a good day yesterday and stayed warm. Here are some learning activities for today:


Tuesday: Learning Objective/Focus: To make notes and develop ideas through research.

Main input:

Children are to research the work of ????? using information available online and around the home. Give them 15 minutes to list his/her most memorable work. Can they find out how many books he/she wrote? Or what their most famous achievements are?

Activities: Must: Create a Wordle from the titles of???? work they listed and vocabulary they can find from either researching ??? or from using his/her books. This can be done either by hand or using technology.

Should: Create an information poster for the school/local library advertising the works of ????? encouraging children to read them. Or showing ????? achievements and explaining why they are an inspiration.

Could: Give the children a selection of ????? titles to research. Explain that they need to find out when each was first published, who the main characters are, the plotline, the main setting and some of the themes covered in the books.

Extension: Play letter association game using only facts about ???? or the titles of his/her novels/plays. Start with A, then whoever cannot think of an answer has to pass to the next player and is out.


Learning Objective/Focus: Decimals as fractions

Main input: See PowerPoint

Activities: Must: Fluency activity

Should: Reasoning activity

Could: Problem Solving activity


ICT (Information, Communication & Technology)

Learning Objective/Focus: To use sequence, selection, and repetition in programs; work with variables and various forms of input and output.

Main input: Children are familiar with coding and have completed several activities in class using a website called espresso coding. To continue their learning journey they can use websites to complete coding activities to suit their level of understanding.

Activities: Must:








Have a great day.