Learning Activities

Good morning, I hope you had a good day yesterday. Below are some learning activities for today:


Learning Objective/Focus: Character classification
Main input: Recap your chosen story as you will use it to undertake the tasks below.
Activities: MUST – Phonics activities
Look at the attached PowerPoint to learn today’s letter and phoneme. Practice writing the letter. Use different objects to make
today’s letter. You could use playdough, buttons or coins. What else could you use?
SHOULD: Talk about which of the characters in the story are the hero and the villain. How do you know?
COULD: Sort all the characters in good characters and evil characters and explain your reasons.
Extension Activity Ideas: Think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Have a go at writing some of them.


Learning Objective/Focus: To create and explain patterns using shapes.
Main input: Make patterns using shapes.
All patterns follow a rule. The rule tells us the order that things are arranged.
To make or continue a pattern you need to know the rule.
Activities: MUST – Draw this pattern
Red circle, blue square, blue triangle, yellow circle, orange square, pink triangle.
Look at the pattern. Can you explain the rule for this pattern?
SHOULD: Can you make a pattern using 2 shapes i.e. circle, triangle, circle, triangle.
What is the rule for your pattern?
Can you use more than 2 shapes to make a pattern?
COULD: Ask someone else to create a pattern using shapes. What is their rule?
Can you continue their pattern?
Extension Activity Ideas: I want to make a pattern using 2 cubes and 1 triangle.
How many different patterns can I make?


Learning Objective/Focus: To use shapes to create an African pattern.
Main input: African art is well known for using lots of geometric patterns.
Look at some different examples of African patterns or use the Power point provided and complete the activities below.
Activities: MUST – Create your own African pattern using Zigzags, circles, spirals or curved lines.
SHOULD: Go outside and see what patterns you can see. Use these as inspiration for creating your own pattern.
COULD: The Ndebele women of Zululand in the north west of South Africa have long been decorating the walls of their houses.
This is a tradition called ‘ukugwala’. They use their fingers to create geometric patterns with paint or wet clay.
Make your own pattern that you would like to see on a building.
Extension Activity Ideas: Explore using other shapes or images to make a pattern. i.e. hearts, stars or animals.

Have a good day.