Learning Activities for today:

Good morning Class 3. I hope you are well and managed to play in the snow (if you had any!). Below are some learning activities for today:


Learning Objective/Focus: This week we will focus on biography writing about an author of choice.

Monday: To order and organise key events and information.

Main input:

Explain that this week the children will be writing a biography about an author they admire. Ask the children what they think his/her early life was like? Discuss his/her upbringing. Was he/she affluent or poor? How might he/she have been affected by his/her early childhood?

What morals and values did his/her family try to instil into him/her? Do you think this worked? Begin to answer the questions together, ensuring that children can give evidence and explain their answers. Using technology children are to research their subject’s life.

Activities: Must: Draw a mind map- “Who is ????????”- collecting all the key points children have picked up on from their research. (???? represents the author you have chosen to research.)

Should: Get the children to make notes as they research on anything they think might be important information about ????.

Could: Use technology to research ????? and make notes on any unusual facts they find.

Extension: How was ?????? driven by success and how did it affect him/her? Where is the evidence of this? What were the highs and lows of his/her career/ personal life? Write the word “AMBITION”. Do the children know the meaning? Get them to write their own ambition and what drives them on.


Learning Objective/Focus: Division – to solve problems.

Main input: See PowerPoint

Activities: Must: Fluency activity

Should: Reasoning activity

Could: Problem Solving activity

Extension: Harry, Beau and Joshua put their money together to buy some tickets in the school charity raffle. The total prize money of £248.40 is split equally between six winning tickets. The three friends find that they have bought two of the lucky winning tickets and so they split the prize money equally between themselves. How much will each friend receive? Use bar models to help you solve the problem.


Learning Objective/Focus: To classify living things

Main input: Use PowerPoint to learn about classification.

Activities: Must: Cut out the images and classify them into different groups


https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zn22pv4/articles/z3nbcwx Access website to reinforce learning

Could: Draw your own plants, animals and microorganisms and classify them based on their features.

Extension: Complete a flow chart by writing your own questions

When you have completed your activities please send them in to our office so that I can have a look at them.

Hope you have a great day and keep warm.