Learning Activities

Good Morning on this cold and frosty morning, reminds me of a song!

I hope you had a great weekend.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Homophones/spelling Handwriting
Main inputHomophones are words that sound the same but mean different things and are spelt differently

Find 5 pairs of homophones that you do not know how to spell and write them carefully in your best handwriting 5 times.
SHOULDFind 10 pairs of homophones and practice writing them in your best handwriting.
COULDUse the words you have learnt to spell in sentences. Don’t forget capital letters and full stops!
Extension Activity Ideashttps://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/to-practise-and-apply-knowledge-of-homophones-including-test-ccv3ac?activity=video&step=1


Learning Objective/Focus:Describing, classifying and sorting 2D shapes
Main inputTo find as many 2D shapes as you can

Look around your house and try and find as many 2D (flat) shapes as you can. Draw the shapes (using a ruler where necessary) and make a table to show how many sides and angles (corners) each shape has.
SHOULDDraw and label as many 2D shapes as you can. Remember there are more than one type of triangle and very many quadrilaterals. Don’t forget the shapes with 8 and 10 sides or those with curved sides! Make a table to show the properties of each shape you have drawn. You could include number of sides, number of angles, types of angles, parallel lines, perpendicular lines etc.
COULDCreate a Carol Diagram to sort your shapes. Choose 2 criteria Eg has 4 sides, does not have 4 sides, has at least one right angle, has no right angle. Put all of the shapes you have found into the correct place on the Venn diagram.
Extension Activity IdeasSend us what you have done so we know which shapes you have remembered and which we need to teach you about.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Forces and friction
Main inputTo know that there is a force of friction between 2 surfaces

Choose a toy car and push it across the floor. Measure how far it travels. Now try pushing it over different surfaces. What do you notice?
SHOULDInvestigate friction by testing how far a 2p piece will travel when pushed. Choose at least 6 different surfaces. (you could choose such things as carpet, foil, sand, bubble wrap etc) Push the 2p and measure how far it travels over each surface. What do you notice? Record your results. What will you need to keep the same to make it a fair test?
COULDWrite up your experiment. You will need to write a title. Explain what you are trying to find out. List the materials you are using. List the things you are keeping the same to ensure a fair test. Compile a table for your results. From your results can you make a conclusion about the surfaces you have used in your experiment.
Extension Activity IdeasMake a lego climbing toy https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=OlFmFMFpBgo

Have fun exploring today.