Learning Activities for today

Morning Class 3,

Here we are at Friday again. I hope you have enjoyed your week.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:To be able to make notes
Main inputToday you are going to be looking at Australia’s landscape and features in order to improve your geographical awareness. Australia is an island (biggest in world) which has a landmass of 7,617,930km2 compared to 241,590 km2 for the UK – making it over 31 times bigger than the UK. Australia is also a continent (this is unique!) When thinking about how the land is divided think about the UK. How is it divided into smaller regions? Counties. Why is this useful? Local governments, regional identity, etc. Australia is similarly divided into states and each is responsible for running some of its own affairs. The second focus of our lesson today is famous Australian landmarks. Can anybody name any landmarks? Do you know where there are?

Research the names of these states on the internet. You then need to make a list of these areas. 
SHOULDResearch famous Australian landmarks (Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock,etc) print off or draw a picture of them and note down information about that landmark around it.
COULDCategorise the landmarks in any way (E.g. man-made/natural, historical interest/scenic.)
Extension Activity IdeasCreate a model of a famous landmark of your choice Write notes to explain your process – how did you make your model?


Learning Objective/Focus:Divide decimals by integers
Main inputSee PowerPoint

Fluency activity
SHOULDReasoning activity
COULDProblem solving activity
Extension Activity IdeasRevisit anything from this week that you have found difficult or struggled with. Look through the PowerPoint again or arrange for an appointment with a teacher to discuss any difficulties.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:To capture own sounds, images and video
Main inputTalk about how to use technology record your own voice and image.

Photograph the front cover of the book you are reading at home presently. Read aloud two pages from your book. Record this reading and send into school.
SHOULDVideo yourself reading from your book – ensure you are using expression and intonation and send this to school.
COULDInterpret your book and act out a part of it, film yourself and send to school.
Extension Activity IdeasWrite your own play script and perform – record then send to school.

I cannot wait to hear you reading today. It will be lovely to hear your voices. You never know you may inspire me to read the book you are reading!