Learning Activities for today

Good morning Class 2,

I hope you have a great Friday. Be careful on the ice!

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Instructions
Main inputLink your instruction writing with your maths activity. Recap writing clear, short instructions. What will your instructions need to include? What will the layout look like?

Write brief instructions on how to play your fairytale board game.
SHOULDWrite instructions for setting up your board game. What will people need? Include instructions on how to play.
COULDCreate a video instruction guide for your fairytale board game. Remember to use bossy verbs and expression.
Extension Activity IdeasDesign a storage box to support advertising your games to buyers. Think about what you might need to include on the box – what details will buyer want to know? How will you make it interesting to buyers?


Learning Objective/Focus:Design a board game linked to fairytales
Main inputDiscuss making a game with numbered squares where you draw characters from fairytales- troll, wolf, little pig, gingerbread man and so on ( good and bad characters) on some squares but leave some blank with only numbers. Draw squares big enough to write in.

Use a dice and counters to move around the board.  Write instructions on the picture squares to determine your move. Eg You meet a troll, jump back 3 squares. You land on Red Riding Hood, skip forward 2 squares.
SHOULDMake sure your board game has at least 100 squares.
COULDAdd some number sentences to solve on certain squares. If the player gets the answer correct they move forward 2 spaces, if they get the answer incorrect they miss a turn until they get the answer correct.
Extension Activity IdeasMake the background colourful- forests, cottages, palaces etc   Add some chance cards to the game board. The cards must include a mathematical question which if the player gets correct they receive a reward stated on the card.

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Representing differences in the four seasons
Main inputUsing an A4 sheet of paper by folding in to quarters, design a poster of the 4 seasons. Remember to include names of the months in each section eg December, January and February in Winter.

Draw an illustration which corresponds with the season- bare trees and icicles perhaps for Winter. Add key events; Harvest, Christmas, Valentine’s day etc. in the appropriate season.
SHOULDMake it colourful and think about “hot” and “cold” colours in your design.
COULDRecite and try to write out the rhyme “ 30 days has September” from memory. Research the rhyme if you are unsure.
Extension Activity IdeasCreate a collage for your favourite season. Write an explanation for why it is your favourite.

I look forward to playing your board games soon!