Learning Activities

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s Friday! I hope you have enjoyed your week and have remembered to do some reading this week.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Letter i
Main input (explanation)Look at the PowerPoint to discover today’s phoneme and use it to complete the tasks below.

Practice writing all the letters learnt this week.
SHOULDWrite the letters for each of the phonemes this week on separate cards and use them to build your own words.
COULDThink of some words that contain the phonemes you have learnt this week. Write the words and draw a picture for each word on separate pieces of paper and use them to play matching pairs.
Extension Activity IdeasPlay a game of finger football! Write letters on bottle tops or circular pieces of card, build a goal using Lego. Say the phoneme for each letter and for each one you get correct try to flick it through the goal. How many points can you score?


Learning Objective/Focus:Properties of 3D shapes.
Main input (explanation)Talk about the properties of 3D shapes. Discuss how you might sort them by properties.

Make a collection of small 3D shapes, such as a small ball, a toy building brick, a dice and a glue stick. Hide the objects in a bag and then put your hand in the bag to choose one of the objects. Describe the shape of it to an adult. Can they guess the shape you are holding? Then they could describe a shape for you to guess!
SHOULDMake a collection of 3D shapes. Sort the shapes into 2 different groups. Can you write labels to explain how the groups have been sorted? Can you group them any other way?    
COULDMake a collection of 3D shapes from your home, such as a tin of food (cylinder), a ball (sphere), a dice (cube), a cereal packet (cuboid) and an ice cream cone (cone).  Make a simple ramp.   Look at the different objects. Can you name which 3D shapes they are?  Which shapes do you think will roll down the ramp? Can you explain why you think this? Test the shapes by placing them at the top of the ramp. Which shapes rolled? Why did they roll? Why didn’t the other shapes roll? What have you learnt about shapes that roll?
Extension Activity IdeasGo on a 3D shape hunt around your house. What 3D shapes can you find? See if you can find a sphere, cube and a cuboid. Can you find any other 3D shapes? What are they called?

Foundation subjects – PSHE

Learning Objective/Focus:To practice mindfulness
Main input (explanation)Mindfulness is noticing what is happening right now.   It is about taking notice of how your body feels and what you see, smell and taste.  You might even feel emotions in your body, perhaps through a tightness somewhere, or a good sensation.   Here are some challenges for you to try.

Close your eyes and listen very carefully. What sounds did you hear?
SHOULDWalk 10 steps slowly and concentrate. What did your feet and toes do?
COULDListen to a song. Put your pencil on paper and draw what the music does.
Extension Activity IdeasCarefully colour in a picture. Who will you give it to and why?