Learning Activities

Good Morning Class 2,

I have enjoyed seeing your learning, so please do keep sending examples in. If you would like some support, advice or to talk to someone please get in contact.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Design a booklet/brochure promoting Finchingfield or where you live.
Main inputThink of a headline, bullet point “wow” words to excite the reader. Illustrations, places of interest……..
Create a mind map (spider diagram) of things you want to include.

Create a booklet/brochure making sure it is eye-catching. Think about ensuring it is colourful but not too wordy.
SHOULDCreate a booklet/brochure. Make the front cover colourful and ensure it includes some details to catch the audience.
COULDCreate a booklet/brochure on the computer. You could use PowerPoint or try Publisher.
Extension Activity IdeasAdd a new section to the brochure/booklet for ‘future ideas’, think about things you’d like to see in the village/place where you live (a new park with …., a swimming pool or cinema etc).


Learning Objective/Focus:Multiplication
Main inputDraw a multiplication matrix -10X10 grid and time yourself to see how quickly you can complete it.

Repeat the same grid (possibly over several days) to build up speed. Write out 3X table.  Write out 30X table- what do you notice? Try 4x table and 40x.
SHOULDConcentrate on trickier facts ie 9X7, 8X9 7X6,…… Can you think up a method for remembering the answers to increase your rapid recall?
COULDMake up some word problems using multiplication for your classmates. Eg If 4 children each bought a dozen eggs. How many in total? (you could make a set of cards to bring to school or put them into a PowerPoint for us to share on the blog)
Extension Activity IdeasExplore multiplying 2 digit numbers- i.e 23×6, by chunking. i.e.20×3 plus 3×6.  

Foundation Subjects

Learning Objective/Focus:Family Tree
Main inputStarting with our Queen- Elizabeth 2nd, work out her family tree up to Prince William and Kate’s children.

Try to include Princess Margaret and all of the Queen’s grandchildren and great grandchildren.
SHOULDRemember to ensure all names begin with capital letters. You could extend the family tree by going back to Queen Victoria.
COULDCreate a family tree for your family. Think about how you could present it. It might make a great gift for someone.
Extension Activity IdeasAdd more details to the family tree you created including things such as dates of birth, dates of marriage etc.

I look forward to reading your booklets/brochures. I want what you would like for the future?