Learning Activities

Morning everyone,

I hope you are all well. If you would like some support, advice or to talk to someone please get in touch.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus:Letter p
Main input (explanation)Look at the power point to discover today’s phoneme and use it to complete the tasks below.

Choose your favourite method to practice today’s letter formation.
SHOULDLook around you, can you see anything that has today’s phoneme? Why not describe it to someone can they guess what it is you have found?
COULDMake a word search using words that include the phonemes learnt this week.
Extension Activity IdeasPractice reading and / or writing the tricky words below.   You, are, was, they, all.


Learning Objective/Focus:Naming 3D shapes
Main input (explanation)Find and name 3D shapes around the house. There is a PowerPoint attached to help.

Look at some packages and boxes. What shape are they? Can you find a cylinder, or a cuboid shape?
SHOULDUse some empty cardboard boxes and packaging to make a model. Maybe you could make a model house, car, robot or castle. Talk to an adult about the shapes you used. Which shapes are easiest to build with? You could take a photo or draw a picture of your finished model.
COULDBe an architect and design your own tower with 3 layers. Describe your tower to your partner for them to build. For example, you could say: On the bottom layer, there are 3 cuboids. On the next layer up, there are 4 cubes. On the third layer, there are 3 cylinders. Then swap roles so that you are the builder and your partner is the architect. How many different towers can you build?
Extension Activity IdeasWhen you are having a meal at the table count how many different shapes you can find. What shapes are on your plate, glass and tablemat?   You could ask your family to help you find as many as you can.

Foundation subjects: Design Technology/Science

Learning Objective/Focus:To investigate the properties of materials and make a product.
Main input (explanation)In the Ginger bread man. The Ginger bread man needs to cross the river without getting wet.  To get across the river he takes a ride on a fox but he eats the ginger bread man.        Are there any other ways the Gingerbread man could cross the river?    

Investigate what happens when biscuits get wet. You could try dunking biscuits in different liquids i.e. milk, tea, water.   What do you notice?   Are the results different if the liquid is warm or cold?
SHOULDMake a boat for the Gingerbread man to cross the river.   Think about which materials you will use and why.   Test your boat to see if it can carry the gingerbread man across the river.   Are there any changes you could make?   If so what are they and why?    
COULDMake a bridge for the Gingerbread man to walk across the river.   Think about suitable materials first.   Test your bridge when you have built it.   Are the any changes you could make?   If yes, what changes could you make and why?
Extension Activity IdeasMake some gingerbread biscuits and decorate them.

I’m looking forward to trying out what happens to biscuits when they get wet! I might even try different types of biscuit, will it make a difference?