Learning Activities

Good Morning,

I hope you are all having a great week so far.

Below are some learning activities for today.

Learning Objective/Focus: Write a play
Main input: Recap from yesterday the differences between a play and a story. Read through your play so far – have you included the features for a play? Are there any changes you might like to make?
Activities: MUST – Continue writing your play from yesterday.
SHOULD – Edit your play from yesterday.
COULD – Act out your play, using different people as characters or puppets. You could make your own puppets for the characters.
Extension Activity Ideas: Design a setting for your play – label the different features.

Learning Objective/Focus: Capacity
Main input: Talk about capacity. What is the difference between capacity and weight? Find 10 things around the house that hold liquids.
Activities: MUST – Estimate which one will hold the most and which one will hold the least liquid. Make a list of the objects in order of smallest capacity to largest capacity. Pour the water from each object, one at a time, into a jug to see if you were correct, or look at the labels if the containers are already filled and compare the measurements.
SHOULD – As above but record the exact amount of liquid each container holds and list them from the smallest capacity to the largest capacity.
COULD – https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/estimating-capacity-ccw30e?step=2&activity=video
Extension Activity Ideas: Solve this problem:
Tom wants to fill his bucket. His bucket holds 1 litre of water. That is 1000ml. He can use these containers to fill his bucket. He can use each one more than once. One bucket holds 500ml, one holds 200 ml, one holds 600ml, one holds 50ml and one holds 150 ml.
How many different ways can Tom fill his bucket?

Foundation Subjects
Subject: Geography
Learning Objective/Focus: Identifying towns and cities
Main input: Make a list of all the places you have visited in the United Kingdom and find them on a map. Use a road Atlas or any map to identify some of the roads you would have travelled on.
Activities: MUST – Use the attached maps (there are 3 of varying difficulty) and locate the UK cities. If you cant download the attachment you could try and draw a map of the UK yourself.
SHOULD – Choose at least one of the cities on the map and find at least 5 facts about it.
COULD – Choose two cities from the map and compare them. (Say what is similar and different about them.)
Extension Activity Ideas: Choose one of the cities and work out which roads you would need to travel on to get there from your house. Could you get there by train? Which stations would you need to travel through?

Wishing you a wonderful day.