Learning Activities

Good Morning Class 1,

I hope you are having a good week.

Below are some learning activities for today.

Learning Objective/Focus: Letter t
Main input (explanation): Look at the power point to discover today’s phoneme and use it to complete the tasks below.
Activities: MUST – Practice today’s letter formation by painting it. You don’t even need paint just a paintbrush and water!
SHOULD – Think of some words containing today’s phoneme and use them in a sentence.
COULD – Think of something that begins with today’s letter and write an acrostic poem. i.e.
not seen at night.
Extension Activity Ideas: Look for/ think of something that has today’s phoneme. Try to find words that rhyme.

Learning Objective/Focus: Properties of 2d shapes.
Main input (explanation): Use the PowerPoint which introduces some new shapes and their properties. Use this to undertake the activities below.
Activities: MUST – Collect some objects to make some 2D shapes.
Can you make a hexagon? How many sides does it have? How many corners? Now try a decagon. How many sides and corners does it have?
SHOULD – Draw a rocket using 2D shapes then give someone instructions on how to draw a rocket using the same shapes. Can they follow your instructions?
COULD – Use your knowledge of the properties of 2D shapes to answer the question below.
George has a bag with a triangle, a rectangle, a square and a circle inside. He takes one of the shapes halfway out.
He says “ I think this shape can only be a triangle”
Do you think he is right or wrong? Why do you think that?

Extension Activity Ideas: Build a vehicle using empty packaging. Which objects would be best for the wheels? Which objects would be best for the
windows? Take a picture of your completed vehicle.

Foundation subjects
Learning Objective/Focus: PE – To use our bodies to create shapes.
Main input (explanation): Use your bodies to create some shapes by trying some of the activities below.
Activities: MUST – Try making some different shapes and holding them for a count of 5 seconds. Start by making the tallest shape you can by
stretching your hands up in the air and standing on your tiptoes. Next, try making the widest possible shape you can. Finally, can you make the smallest shape possible by curling yourself up in a ball?
SHOULD – Shape Alphabet – How many different letters of the alphabet can you make with your body? If you are finding certain letters difficult, ask a friend or family member to help make the letter shape with you. You could try lower case and upper case letters.
COULD – Shapes in the Air – Have a go at jumping as high as possible in the air and making different shapes with your body. Can you name the shapes you make?
Extension Activity Ideas: Explore making your own shapes using your body. What other shapes can you make?

Hope you have fun!