Learning Activities for today

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a great day yesterday.

Below are some learning activities for today.


Learning Objective/Focus: Letter a

Main input: Look at the PowerPoint to discover today’s phoneme and use it to complete the tasks below.

Activities: MUST – use different objects to make today’s letter. You could use play dough, buttons or even coins. What else could you use?

SHOULD- think of some words containing today’s phoneme and write/make them.

COULD- think of a noun that begins with today’s letter. Write a short story about it.

Extension Activity Ideas: play I spy. How many things can you find with today’s phoneme?


Learning objective/focus: properties of common 2DT shapes.

Main input: to find and name 2d shapes. The PowerPoint attached may help.

Activities: MUST- play “guess the shape”. Describe a shape remembering to say how many sides and corners it has and be specific I.e. it has four corners and four equal sides. See who can guess the most shapes correctly.

SHOULD- which animals or objects can you create using only 2d shapes? Can you make a train using only rectangles, circles and squares? What else can you make?

COULD- cut some different shapes out of paper and attach some sticky tack to the back. See how many different things you can build with the shapes.

Extension Activity Ideas: use play dough or salt dough to make prints of some objects you have found. What kind of marks do the objects make? Are there some that make curved lines and some that make straight lines? Are there some that are long and some that are short?

Foundation Subjects

Subject: Art

Learning Objective/Focus: to create a piece of art using shapes

Main input: Wassily Kandinsky created many paintings using shapes. Use the PowerPoint attached to find out more about the artist and look at some of his paintings.

Activities: MUST- create your own version of Kandinsky ‘squares with concentric circles ‘. You could use paint, crayons, pens or pencils to create your art work.

SHOULD- create a picture of an object such as a boat using shapes.

COULD- create your own piece of abstract art using shapes

Extension Activity Ideas: make a concentric circle by cutting out different size circles on different coloured paper. Layer them up with the largest circle at the bottom.

Hope you have a great day. I look forward to seeing your artwork.