Learning Activities for today

Good Morning Class 1,

I hope you had a great weekend and had an opportunity to enjoy the snow and the sunshine!

Below are some learning activity ideas for today.

English Learning Objective/Focus: Letter s
Main input (explanation): Look at the power point to discover today’s
phoneme (sound) and use it to complete the tasks below.

Activities: MUST – Practice writing today’s letter. You could try writing it in flour, salt or sand.
SHOULD – Think of some words that contain today’s phoneme and try to write them.
COULD – Write a tongue twister using alliteration. i.e. Sheep should sleep in a shed.
Extension Activity Ideas: Practice reading and / writing the tricky words below.
I, no, go, the, into

Learning Objective/Focus: Observing shapes
Main input (explanation): Talk about the shapes of everyday items.
Activities: MUST – Draw a picture of your favourite place; it could
be your house, a place you’ve been on holiday or an imaginary place.
Have a look at your picture and see what different shapes you can
see. Are there any curved objects? Are there any round or straight objects?
SHOULD – Collect some objects you can find in your house that are 3D shapes .e.g. cereal packet, crisp tubes, boxes of tea, oranges and DVDs. Sort
them into groups of the same shapes. How many objects do you have that
have corners? How many round objects do you have? How many with
curved edges or sides?
COULD – Hold a competition with someone who lives in your house. See if you can find: 5 round objects, 4 tall objects, 3 objects with straight sides and 2 objects with more than 4 sides. Take a picture of what you find.
Extension Activity Ideas: While on a walk or in the garden collect some natural objects and describe their shape. Group the curved objects
and the straight objects.

Foundation Subjects
Subject: Science Learning Objective/Focus: To investigate properties of materials.
Main input (explanation): In the story Goldilocks and the three bears goes
to take a nap after eating the bear’s porridge. First she tried Daddy bears
bed but it was too hard. Then she tried mummy bears bed but that was
too soft. So she tried baby bears bed, that was just right and she fell fast
asleep. What do you think makes a good bed? What do you think makes a bad bed?
Activities: MUST – Collect some materials and sort them into
groups of hard and soft materials.
SHOULD – Make some beds using different materials and test them out.
You could use sheets, pillows, cornflakes, building bricks, tinfoil, blankets or any other material you would like to test.
COULD – Write a sentence to record which materials made the best bed.
Extension Activity Ideas: Create a word mat of some of the words you
used to describe the beds you have made. i.e hard, lumpy, comfortable.

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Have a great day.