Learning Activities for today

Good Morning Class 1,
I hope you have had a great week. It’s Friday!
We will be contacting all families over the course of today and next week. This is just to say hello and see if there is anything we can do to support you. Some examples of home learning are on the class blog, so please do send in some examples to be included.
I look forward to speaking to you all soon.

Below are some learning activities for today.
Learning Objective/Focus: To write a description.
Main input: Ask your child to go outside or go for a walk. Use your senses to talk about what you can see, hear and smell.
Activities: MUST – Draw a picture of what you can have seen, smelt or heard.
SHOULD – Draw/ make a picture of what you have seen, smelt or heard and write labels for your picture.
COULD – Write about what you have seen, heard and smelt. Include a range of adjectives.
Extension Activity Ideas: Use building bricks to create a building from a favourite story. i.e The three bears cottage.

Learning Objective/Focus: To use number bonds.
Main input: Talk about number bonds to 10/20. Explore how you can use them to solve some number word problems. Use your knowledge of number bonds to undertake the following tasks.
Activities: MUST – Solve this word problem.
7 ostriches run through the desert. They join 9 a group of 9 ostriches. How many ostriches are there now?
SHOULD – Solve the following word problems.
A herd of elephants 11 join up with another herd of 5.
How many elephants are there now?
There are 17 wildebeest on the plain 9 leave to find water.
How many are left?
COULD – Solve the following word problems and write the addition or subtraction sentences.
If you count 7 cows and 6 sheep in a field, how many animals are there altogether?
If you see 19 butterflies in the garden and 11 fly away, how many are left in the garden.
Extension Activity Ideas: Play your favourite board game.

Foundation Subjects
Subject: Design technology
Learning Objective/Focus: To design a new toy.
Main input: Talk about a favourite toy. Why do they like it? What do they think could be better about it? Use their ideas for the activity below
Activities: MUST – Draw a picture of a new toy you would really like to see in the shops.
SHOULD – Draw a picture of a new toy and add descriptions of what it would do.
COULD – Create a junk model of your new toy.
Extension Activity Ideas: Draw a picture of your favourite toy.
Create a poster to advertise your new toy.

Have a great weekend. Hopefully the sun will come out, perhaps along with a bit a snow!