Learning Activities

Good Morning Everyone,
I hope you enjoyed your day yesterday.
Thank you to those who have already shared some of the learning you have been doing with us or those who have called. We will be contacting all families this week and next, just to say hello and see if there is anything we can be doing to support you more. We will be starting to put examples of learning on the class blogs, so please do send us in some examples to include.

Below are some learning activities for today.
Learning Objective/Focus: To write an adapted ending to a story.
Main input: Talk about the ending of a story. Explore different ideas about what might happen differently and create a new story ending (verbally).
Activities: MUST – Draw a picture for their own ending to the story.
SHOULD – Write their own ending to the story.
COULD – Use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters accurately. Try and include some adjectives (describing words).
Extension Activity Ideas: Silly sentences: children choose an object in the house and make up or write a silly sentence or question about it i.e. Can dogs ride a bicycle to the park?

Learning Objective/Focus: To subtract consecutive numbers and full amounts.
Main input: Talk about what would happen if you were to subtract consecutive numbers. Consecutive numbers are numbers that are next to each other. i.e. 6-5 and 4-3.
Activities: MUST – Explore using numbers up to 10. What would happen if you subtract numbers that are next to each other? Remember you can use objects to help you subtract.
SHOULD – Can you make a rule using the words always or never to explain what you have discovered. Use your rule to solve these;
COULD – Can you create a rule using always or never to explain what happens if you subtract the full amount .i.e. 3-3. Use your rule to solve these;
Extension Activity Ideas: Practice counting in 5’s. Add some moves or create a routine to help you remember.

Foundation Subjects
Subject: Science/ art
Learning Objective/Focus: To explore natural objects.
Main input: Collect some natural objects from the garden or from going out on a walk ie. Leaves, twigs and stones.
Activities: MUST – Look closely at the objects you have collected. Describe the objects ie. How do they look, what do they feel like, do they smell? How do they smell?
SHOULD – Create a collage using the items you have collected.
COULD – Use the items to create a picture of an object or person. i.e. Use the leaves to make a tree or a face.
Extension Activity Ideas: Look carefully at a natural object, plant or tree and draw a picture of it. Try and include all the details you see. Make some crayon rubbings of the leaves you collected? Can you see the lines? What are they? What are they for?

Have fun and enjoy.