Learning Activities

Good Morning Everyone,
I hope you have had a great weekend.
Don’t forget if you would like some support, feedback on what you have completed or to talk to a teacher about your learning please email office@finchingfieldacademy.com requesting a call and a teacher will telephone you back, either that day or the next between 9.30am and 12pm.
Thank you for sharing your amazing learning with us. The teachers have loved seeing it all so please do keep emailing examples in (scans, photos, videos) and we will get back to you with some feedback about your learning, sometimes including some next steps or questions.

Below are some learning activities for today.
Learning Objective/Focus: To write the beginning of a story.
Main input: Talk about what happens at the beginning of the story.
Activities: MUST – Draw a picture for the beginning part of the story.
SHOULD – Write the beginning part of the story.
COULD – Include finger spaces, capital letters for the start of a sentence and full stops.
Extension Activity Ideas: Play adjective eye spy: choose an object in sight and describe the object i.e. something that is red.

Learning Objective/Focus: To find subtraction facts of fact families.
Main input: Fact families are calculations created using the same three numbers. Using the same 3 numbers we can create four subtraction facts. i.e. 3,2 and 1
When finding the subtraction facts it is important to remember that you must take the lowest number from the highest number.
Activities: MUST – Use the three numbers below to find all four subtraction facts 5 3 and 2. Try to write the four subtraction sentences.
SHOULD – Choose your own three numbers to find the four subtraction facts.
COULD – Which is the odd one out?
5-2= 3
Can you explain why?
Extension Activity Ideas: Create number cards 1-10. Lay the cards face down. Turn over 2 cards, can you subtract one number from the other?

Foundation Subjects
Subject: Design technology
Learning Objective/Focus: To create a digit clock
Main input: To look at digital clocks talk about their purpose and how they show the time.
Activities: MUST – Create a digital clock, this could be in the form of a flip book. (There are some other examples available online)
SHOULD – Decorate the face of the digital clock.
COULD – Use your clock to show the time.
Extension Activity Ideas: Design and create your own story character, to match your English activity. You could try using building bricks or playdough.

I hope you have a great day.