Learning Activities for today

Good Morning,
I hope you enjoyed your learning activities yesterday.
Once again we have provided a range for you to choose from, you do not and we do not expect you to do it all. You can choose your own challenge within the activities from;
MUST = an activity you should be able to complete independently
SHOULD = an activity you might need some support with
COULD = an activity which is likely you will need support from an adult or older sibling with

We have then also included some extension activities. These are activities which you may choose to undertake instead of the MUST, SHOULD and COULD or as well as. Which we will continue to do every day.
Every day we will provide English, Maths and Foundation Subject activity ideas.

If you would like some support, feedback on what you have completed or to talk to a teacher about your learning please email office@finchingfieldacademy.com requesting a call and a teacher will
telephone you either that day or the next between 9.30am and 12pm.

Thank you to all those who have sent us some examples of their learning. We very much enjoyed seeing what you have been up to so please do keep emailing examples in (scans, photos etc) and we will get back to you with some feedback about your learning, sometimes including some next steps or questions.

Below are today’s learning activities.
Learning Objective/Focus: To create a story map of a familiar story.
Main input (explanation): Using the child’s chosen story, talk about what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the story.
Activities: MUST – Draw a story map which shows what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the story.
SHOULD – Write labels and captions for your story map.
COULD – Add some important story language to your story map ie. Once upon a time.
Extension Activity Ideas: Create a wanted poster for a villain from a story you are familiar with e.g the big bad wolf.

Learning Objective/Focus: To explore number bonds using subtraction.
Main input: Subtracting means to take away. Remember you have to take the lowest number/ amount from the highest number/ amount when
Activities: MUST – Choose a number within 10 and explore how many ways you can find that number by using subtraction .i.e. 10-3=7, 9-2=7 and 8-1=7. Don’t forget to use objects to help you count!

SHOULD – Find all the ways you can make 2 by subtracting pairs of numbers within 10. i.e. 10-8. Use objects to help you.
COULD – Create your own shop, put prices on your items up to 10p and sell
items to your teddies/ toys. Give your teddy/ toy 10p to spend and
calculate how much change you will need to give them.
Extension Activity Ideas: Roll two dice and subtract the lowest amount from the highest. What will your total be?

Foundation Subjects
Subject: Science
Learning Objective/Focus: To observe daily weather patterns.
Main input: Look or go outside and experience the weather.
Activities: MUST – Create a weather chart – draw a picture to show what the weather is like each day.
SHOULD – Use the weather chart to show what the weather is like each day in the morning and the afternoon.
COULD – Be a weather reporter and give the day’s weather report for where
you are.
Extension Activity Ideas: Make your own windsock. Make it as colourful as you can. Observe when the wind blows and the direction it is blowing.